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Thread: The Radiomen are no more (KKZX).

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    The Radiomen are no more (KKZX).

    The Radiomen, who have been KKZX's morning crew since the beginning of forever, are no more. Once Spokane's most popular morning show, the team went out with a whimper a few weeks ago, with no fanfare (I can't even find any news articles on the subject). Jim Arnold has popped up with a 3-7 pm show on the station, but C. Foster Kane is nowhere to be found.

    Does anyone know what happened? Are they the latest victim of Clear Channel's continuing efforts to remove anything local from their stations?

    It's such a shame. They were a Spokane institution.

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    Never listened to KKZX, but that's what Clear Channel is like. Cut everyone and replace with Premium Choice voicetracked from 2000 miles away - or worse, a SYNDICATED show in the mornings!

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    Unhappy Radiomen are no more

    I loved listening to the Radiomen when I came home from work. Such a shame that they aren't there anymore ;o(

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKA View Post
    Does anyone know what happened? Are they the latest victim of Clear Channel's continuing efforts to remove anything local from their stations?
    They are victims of Cheap Channel's overwhelming debt load and their desperate need to cut costs. The same thing happened in Pittsburgh - Jim Quinn and Rose Tennett were fired from Clear Channelís WPGB-FM after 18 years. They were syndicated across six other markets, too.

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    Probably a relief to CFK and JA...

    The steady decline of quality had left the Radiomen as the only redeeming of KKZX. KKZX resorted to an "infomercial" style of garbage... e.g. 10 ten hits of bands (who gives a rip?)... which fills time between the 150 or so over-played songs which continually repeat on this station. I imagine that integrity on the part of the Radiomen probably evokes a sigh of relief from the duo, in being retired from this degraded station. It's a shame, but things do change. I shall change the morning station back to NPR... in a sense, it's a sigh of relief for me also in not having to endure the tripe that filled the slots between the truly entertaining Radiomen. Thanks RM for the many years of service! You will be sorely missed!


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    I have also reverted back to my previous station's morning show on 102.3.

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