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Thread: WLZQ now WMYQ

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    WLZQ now WMYQ

    WLZQ is now WMYQ, do they have a signal to compete in Ft. Wayne?

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    Re: WLZQ now WMYQ

    The WMYQ calls were once in Miami (96.3)--early 70's-- the first CHR on FM. wned by Bartell (KSLQ, WDRQ, KCBQ, etc.) and programmed by Jerry Clifton and group PD Buzz Bennett. This was before WHYI/Y-100.

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    Re: WLZQ now WMYQ

    Quote Originally Posted by PROjammer
    WLZQ is now WMYQ, do they have a signal to compete in Ft. Wayne?
    Not really. 101.1 comes in, but at (I think) 6kW ERP, espcially around the west side tower farm, they get stomped on by another station. Which one I can't remember, but in my car I don't always pick them up. At home I have to work the antenna just right but they do come in.

    Format wise, they really don't have anything to put up against any format, except maybe 100.1 out of Bluffton...kind of the "we play everything we found in the music library" format, excluding 50s and 60s country and hair metal of course...2 formats that would just KILL in Fort Wayne!!!!
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    Re: WLZQ now WMYQ

    I know this may be off topic for the Indiana board, but I thought of Miami's WMYQ when I read the earlier post.
    Actually Miami's WMYQ and Y-100 both came along about the same time (early-mid 1972 if memory serves) and co-existed for many years. I was in Florida from 1972-1976 and I thought WMYQ was much superior to Y-100, especially in he early days.
    WMYQ was typical Bartell top 40 radio, and the origin of the phrase "Q Format". High energy jocks, long music sweeps, forward momentum, shotgun jingles and heavy contesting (everything I love about 70's radio).
    In fact, fraudulent contesting (among other things) resulted in the loss of their license. That would have been in 1976 or 1977.
    I believe they were originally on 96.1, and some time after returning to the air (after a lengthy application process similar to WIFE-FM's) they changed frequencies to the current 96.3 (it was a docket 80-90 thing, I think).
    My memory may be off on a few details here, but I do know that Russ Oasis was at WMYQ in 1975.

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    Re: WLZQ now WMYQ

    A little more detail.....

    It seems I have seen surveys on eBay indicating WMYQ Miami began Top 40 in 1971. They changed calls to WMJX in the mid 70's. The station ceased to exist in 1981 as part of fraudulent contesting and a on air hoax when a jock faked being lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Even though the owner of the time inherited the problems, the FCC revolted the license. The signal signed back on the air in the mid-eighties one click off the original frequency (I believe they started on 96.3 and landed on 96.5....too lazy to look it up).

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    Re: WLZQ now WMYQ

    A lot more detail.... (probably more than you want to know)...
    Miami's WMYQ began life as WGBS-FM, a beautiful music station.
    In early 1972 Bartell purchased the station and flipped the calls to WMYQ. The frequency was 96.3.
    Y-100 (WHYI Ft Lauderdale) came to the air a month or so later.
    WMYQ fought it out with Y100 for many years, and both had their successes. I stated earlier that I always thought WMYQ was the better of the two.
    The FCC troubles began in 1973 as a result of a contest in which WMYQ was giving away a bunch of stock in a corporation with assets.
    It turned out the corporation was a shell corp. with little or no assets. The FCC admonished WMYQ and warned them of future fraudulent contesting. Some time latter they gave away (as a part of "The Last Contest", I believe), a "Warehouse Full of 10 Speed Bikes". This would come back to haunt them because they didn't have a "warehouse" full of 10 speed bikes, they had a dozen bikes in a garage.
    Then, in 1975 they reported on the air and in their newscasts that WMYQ Jock Greg Austin was missing, presumed lost at sea in the Bermuda Triangle. Miami Police, The US Coast Guard and hundreds of citizens searched for Austin, who was actually 2 blocks away from the WMYQ studios, sitting in a restaurant. After a long search WMYQ finally 'fessed up that it was a promotion/contest called "Find Greg Austin". Local officials and the Coast Guard were incensed and many others filed complaints with the FCC.
    It would take several years for the hearings and ruling, meanwhile Bartell sold WMYQ and the new owner (fully aware of the impending/potential outcome) inherited the station's legal difficulties. Ultimately, the FCC ruled against WMYQ/WMJX (the current calls), yanking their ticket. On Feb. 15, 1981, DJ Stuart Elliott played "The Long and Winding Road", then said "96X is WMJX, Miami" and they cut the carrier. The end of an era.
    There were several applicants for the frequency (similar to the WIFE-FM process in Indy), but Woodlinger Broadcasting eventually got the license and on June 15th 1985, with call letters WJCX (still calling themselves 96X and still on the 96.3 frequency) they returned to the air as a straight CHR. A year later Woodlanger sold the station to Beasley Broadcasting, who still owns it as of mid 2008. Later in 1986, FCC Docket 80/90 moved WJCX from 96.3 to 96.5 to allow a new drop-in on 95.7 in nearby Homestead.
    These days the station is known as Power 96 (WPOW) and are strictly Rhythmic. They still do well in the ratings, and a notches below them on the 12+ ARBS, you'll find Y100 (a shell of it's former self) still playing mainstream Top 40.
    My question: If this happened today, only the offending station had shelled out 20 million dollars in the FCC auction for the licensee, would they get their money back or get the keep the proceeds of a new auction? Or do they allow licensee's to sell the station and drop the complains from the FCC (didn't that happen in Terre Haute)?
    Sorry for the lengthy, somewhat off-topic post.

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    Re: WLZQ now WMYQ

    Good Idea.. Just as it was when WLEZ changed their calls in Terre Haute years back.. Don't want to stereotype, do we???
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