What Happened to Legends WLGZ?
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Thread: What Happened to Legends WLGZ?

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    What Happened to Legends WLGZ?

    Just wondering what happened to KB Cooper on Legends WLGZ?
    I heard Mike Vickers talking about a new guy starting Monday with
    a brand new Morning show.
    Did KB go to another station or move? It was nice hearing her
    cheery personality on in the Morning.
    And also what happened to Chuck McCoy? I thought he was the Evening guy.

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    Good luck, KB. Miss you.

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    I heard Chuck McCoy this evening so he must have been off for a bit?

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    Chuck was filling in on mornings for a couple months followed KB's resignation. He's now back on nights.

    New morning personality is Jaan McCoy(no relation) formerly of Crawford sister station KAAM-AM in Dallas.

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