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    The New Morning Show at Y96 is awesome, I've not heard so many callers to a show in years? They started a new text line and in one week had 1300 plus people join, and they've added over 2,000 Facebook fans putting them over 11,000 which is quickly approaching 3 times as many as 99.1 WDEN has!

    How do you think this station gotten so big?

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    Novelty can only account for so much interest, so these people must be really dialed into what their target audience wants in a morning show. It didn't just happen: There was a plan; it was well thought out; it is being executed very well. Good luck to them.
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    Hope it is not the same show I heard while driving to Macon last Thursday. Who in the hell plays the live version of "Achy Breaky Heart" in Morning Drive? Who even owns that version? Not much organization that morning either. He seemed like he was finding topics off the cuff and had no direction once he got started.
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    Let me say this:

    I grew up in Vidalia about 30 miles southeast of Dublin. I'm 31 now but even today, I check my facebook and folks still listen to the Saturday Night Classic Country Jukebox show as they have since back when I was in high school. The station is doing GREAT because they are
    1- 100K Watts and boy is it a strong signal
    2- Lots of country music fans
    3- The stations, while local, sounds very professional compared to the other redneck sounding crap around those parts.
    4- Responsible for lots of publicity with the Redneck Games.

    My only rant is the owners of this station. They have a pretty good sounding rock station as well that was once on a descent stick at 25k watts providing a rock format for places like Swainsboro, Vidalia, Dublin and Sandersville. These are places that don't get rock anywhere else. The tower for the station at 107.9 was struck by lightning and the signal was at 30% for nearly two years so even Dublin had trouble picking up the signal. This past spring, they corrected the signal but then quickly changed the format to Urban Gospel and moved the rock signal over to a translator tower that gets out about a 10 mile radius.

    The owners dump lots of money into Y96 but seem to forget the other stations they own.

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    Congrats to Y96, somewhere in Georgia! I found this thread on the BREAKING NEWS page here at Radiodiscussions.com.

    That says a lot for what's going on here. So now press releases are BREAKING NEWS?

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    RadioActiveSales you're so dumb. First off your post is so poorly written it makes me wonder if you have some sort of head injury. Second you clearly work for Y96. You've posted on here before in support of WQZY and for some reason you keep going after WDEN. I'm going to clear something up for you. WDEN doesn't care about you nor do they even know who you are. Just stop posting. How is it going to help you in Sales? RadioActiveSales, or should I say Kris Bjorkman, please grow up and stop focusing on programming. It isn't your job.

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    I will comment on Y96. They do sound better than WDEN. There is a station in macon on 96.5 that plays country and they have a translator on 95.9. I don't know why it is a waste of resources. I was in Macon on Thanksgiving Day and could hear Y96 walking over the 95.9 that's translated off of 96.5. So yes now I admit it I hardly ever listen to Y96 I like older country. I will say they sound better than WDEN and have a better signal because I can barely get 99.1 WDEN in Dublin. Now I will say this

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    It seems as though the morning show that brought in such a large amount of attention was not as great as you were saying Radioactivesales. If it is already gone in six months, you may have spoken to soon. I think what has been said in this thread clearly indicates where the problem may lie, management or a lack of it. From what I have heard, in a six month period the ownership of the station cluster that Y96 is a part of has fired/let go three full time DJ's including the Host of the morning show you are praising in the original post and lost a number of sales reps, some who left on their own accord due to "inconsistencies and managerial 'flip-flop'". This makes me see that radioguy1919 made a very true statement, upper management with no on-air experience of their own needs to stay out of programming, it isn't their job. They are acting like a cancer to these stations and are actively preventing them from reaching their full potential in sales, ratings, or otherwise.

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