What Happened to Sonoma Cty Funny 95.5 FM?!
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Thread: What Happened to Sonoma Cty Funny 95.5 FM?!

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    What Happened to Sonoma Cty Funny 95.5 FM?!

    I recently got hooked on "Funny 95.5 FM," Sonoma County's "only comedy radio station." Yesterday the station seemed to be totally replaced by "Vintage Music" (old pop music).

    Their Facebook page has disappeared, and their website, if it ever was functional (I never went to it before), has been stripped of everything but the name.

    Does anybody know what happened?

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    It just changed over for no apparent reason. I already called Wine Country Radio and voiced my dis-pleasure in the change. For that matter I will not be listening to any of the Wine Country Radio affilated stations anymore. Funny 95.5 was a nice change of pace...but now it's gone. First they changed 96.7 BOB from it's current format to alrenative music, now Funny 95.5 gets changed to litteraly almost the same as the programming on 95.9... A very sad day indeed...

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    It's extremely annoying. And with no warning or explanation at all! I think I will also call Wine Country Radio and boycott their stations. Thanks for the reply; I thought maybe I was in a time warp. :/

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    all-comedy formats NEVER do well. EVER. So this should not be a surprise to anyone.

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    Denver. Kansas City.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevensonair View Post
    Denver. Kansas City.
    Meaning what? The comedy format does well in Denver and Kansas City?

    I can see a comedy format as a fall-back for a moribund AM station, but on FM it seems like a waste of a frequency. If there was such a station in the Bay Area, I would probably listen some of the time, but I doubt it would be one of my favorites.

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    Top 10 (7th) on a translator isn't bad. Worthwhile niche if done right and properly marketed. I think there are markets where comedy is a good idea, and it's a nice change from repetitive music or the same ideological drumbeat on traditional talk.

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    I didn't see this as a shock since I don't see wine country as a "comedy rich" area. Just my opinion.

    Always sad to see a "different" format replaced with a cookie cutter format.
    I got out of the business before it sucked the life out of me.
    Now I just play radio online at www.allthebestoldies.com.

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    San Francisco's "COMEDY 92.7"!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theitcrowd View Post
    San Francisco's "COMEDY 92.7"!!
    some people would say that frequency is pretty hilarious right now!

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