Wibg1020 firts in nj with full power translator @101.3
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Thread: Wibg1020 firts in nj with full power translator @101.3

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    WIBG 1020AM/101.3FM

    Wibg1020 firts in nj with full power translator @101.3

    WIBG1020AM Tuesday morning launched its new 101.3FM translator,making it
    the first New Jersey AM with an FM voice. WIBG1020 and 101.3 FM broadcasts
    EnVivo Latino and a strong commitment to pro-active local news and information.
    Excellent power, great height and digital audio processing make it the perfect
    compliment to the market's most powerful AM WIBG1020 at 1900watts.

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    Interesting to note that the translator, W267BP, licensed to Palermo, was only granted yesterday ..
    Also, WRNJ in Hackettstown has been broadcasting on 2 FM translators for a few years now, so WIBG would not be the first NJ AM with an FM voice ..

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    They may not be the first, but they are definitely the "firts"

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    The Palmero translator is nothing more than a peanut whistle. The AM news is stale and recycled, in any language. The AM signal is distorted and fails to live up to all the hype that goes with it. No audio processing there. Why bother?

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    Amazingly, for 250 watts, it's NOT a lightweight. The signal is pretty much interference-free in the car on the Atlantic City Expressway all the way past the Frank Farley Service Plaza...same as the other Class A's: WTKU, WIBG-FM, WCZT, WJSE, WTTH, and others. Of course, it drops precipitously around Mile Markers 29-30 as the signal decays. The signal is in mono, leaving it open for 9% more true audio modulation that can actually be heard (no Stereo Pilot injection), allowing it to sound louder and covering noise and hiss. Mono eliminates fluttering and picket fencing when driving, and stereo/mono blending in the IF sections of the radio...more raw "listenable" range.
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    I bet it has signal issues going south with 101.3 WNCL Milford, DE being listenable in southern Cape May county.

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    No doubt. But Cool 101.3 hasn't been listenable regularly down there for quite a while. Its 3 not 6kw, deep fringe, and both are 1st adjacent to WCFA-LP, Cape May @ 101.5. Their antenna is on the Wildwood Crest water tower. A nice community station. 83 watts. http://radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/pat...atus=L&hours=U
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    Yesterday afternoon they were playing '80s hits (three songs by The Police in less than an hour) but still calling themselves En Vivo and running spots in Spanish for national advertisers (as well as one or two local spots in English). Sounds like a work in progress.

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