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1500 WFED...WTOP?

Does anyone know why every site I read says WTOP no longer broadcasts at its old 1500 AM slot (only FM now)...but when I heard it tonight, I clearly heard WTOP at the top of the hour. It was live, so I verified on the the WFED website live feed, and it was saying WTOP as well...
Sorry, I wasn't clear. It wasn't the official ID I heard, just "WTOP news time, 11:01" ...it just happened to be near the top of the hour. I'll try to grab it again and see what the official ID says.
Likely to be something like "WTOP FM and HD1, and WFED Washington". Spoken in 5 seconds or less, leading into the gong (they are still airing CBS, no?) and the TOH news. If you blink you'll miss it.
You sure the TOH ID isn't sped up and buried under a news sounder? Seriously...I have heard TOH IDs that were buried under sweepers, music, or sped up so much that I had to slow down the recording to understand the calls!
WTOP doesn't hide its ID, and it's a long one - three FMs (Washington, Warrenton and Braddock Heights-Frederick), plus the WFED ID at night when the AM simulcasts now.

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