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KWVE gets rid of hyms in favor of teaching/preaching

To the OP, if you're looking for the older Gospel songs and Hymns, check out wpjb.org and enjoy! Many of those songs have a home on this great sounding radio station.​

Dan <><

P.S. Be warned! I play a little bit of everything. Once you listen, you'll find yourself enjoying it!
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To everyone reading, I spotlight many of those singers too. As I stated recently, I play a little bit of everything. Check me out and enjoy! wpjb.org​

Dan <><

P.S. More new songs are on the way. Stay tuned and listen out for them.
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There are still some quite successful classical stations out there, even within the reality that it tends to be an older (but often wealthy!) audience/donor base - KUSC right there in LA, KING-FM in Seattle, and heck, we do very well with the format at WXXI Classical in Rochester. But the common denominator is that it's not block programmed. It's 24/7 classical music, because audiences want consistency.
Don't forget 89.5 KBAQ Phoenix.

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