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Public Radio In Rural Alaska- Video Show & Podcast On "This Week In Radio Tech"

This Week in Radio Tech "Public Radio in Rural Alaska" with guest.. ME! Episode #675. The link to watch the episode is below.

As Chris Tarr points out, Paul B. Walker, Jr. is probably the most enthusiastic supporter of local radio service and programming. Paul is the Program Director at KSKO-FM in McGrath, Alaska, but he wears almost every hat required for running a full-service FM Public Radio station. Many TWiRT fans know of Paul through the Facebook group he started, “I Take Pictures of Transmitter Sites.” Chris Tarr and Kirk Harnack talk with Paul about the challenges of broadcasting in rural Alaska, including antenna icing, Internet service, STL connections to outlying villages’ FM transmitters, and even the occasional “moose fade”.

This Week in Radio Tech - TWiRT Homepage - TWiRT 675 - Public Radio in Rural Alaska with Paul Walker


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