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EX EX EX DE HuaiRiverTonight

Initially, I found this site when browsing some info on US radio programming and then found the discussion sections interesting! It might feel weird to some fellow member here but that was literally how I reached here. :LOL:

I can speak and understand Chinese (Peking + Central Plain Mandarin; written in both traditional and simplified forms), Japanese, and English.

I am personally a fan of speech-based programming in general, if specifically format-wise, BBC Radio 4-esque would be my most favorite. Full service radio anywhere, N. American news/talk, and all-news are also favored. Least favorite format? Any format utilizing extended adverts much more than ordinary programming *especially those mainly of pharmacy and care products, often seen in a broad sense China incl both Mainland and Taiwan regions.*

On specific radio stations, I am a longtime fan of BEB64/Shanghai News Radio 990 AM-93.4 FM Shanghai PRC and JOBR/KBS Kyoto Radio 1143 AM-94.9 FM Kyoto Japan. I also personally admire the operations of KBS World Radio due to their general longevity and their commitment to worldwide listeners.

I chose my display name HuaiRiverTonight due to it being a literal translation of the title of a favorite (former) television newscast of mine from my ancestral hometown of Bengbu in Anhui Province.

It is fine today!

*PS Which character do I use for my avatar here?
Cure Grace / HANADERA Nodoka, from Healin'Good Pretty Cure (2020); voiced by Aoi YUKI

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