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Pj butta out at kday

Marci Wiser out on KLOS was quite palpable today even though the liners made it seem she was off for just President's Day.
She still had stingers mentioning her.
That's disingenuous.

If she's out, she's out.
Don't dicker the audience around.

I'll say let's wait till Tuesday, but I think I know what the results are... we all do.
Disingenuous results and promises on Meruelo's part.

I don't think Meruelo really knows what to do with KLOS and really do not care for any long running appeal.
If they could flip KLOS to Spanish they would in a heartbeat.
And there is really nothing stopping them from doing so.

Meruelo has gutted KDAY, KWPR, and KLOS to a complete empty shell of themselves throughout.
All identity of their former selves are forever lost to the new wasteland, never to return.

Radio is a business, but we are well over a precipice of how sadly it is run.
They would flip a good-rated station that’s doing well financially to a spanish-language format?
Good rated according to what metric? Meruelo dropped out from Neilson ratings.
And they came right back in! Nielsen renegotiated, and all is well.

Meruelo's Spanish language equivalent of a rhythmic CHR is doing quite well. Remember, as I seem to have to remind posters here almost every day, that most Hispanic ad buys come from a different budget than general market buys.

The Meruelo station delivers 18-34 Hispanics quire well, and that demo is vastly more important in the "Latin Market" than in general market because the Hispanic community has a much younger average age... over a decade younger in fact.

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